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Navigation panel

On the left side of the web page there is a navigation bar (interface picture point 1) with an organized set of direct links to the application parts.

The navigation panel consists of a set of individual navigation panels that contain links to content-related pages. The dark triangle on the right allows you to click to expand or collapse the panel or associated links.

The right part (navigation panel image) shows a set of panels that are user interface components and can thus replace the navigation panel shown in the left part of the image. The width of the navigation bar can be changed by clicking on the tab [8], where the width of the column is gradually changed in steps 0 - standard width - wider column.

The navigation panels are integrated into the navigation bar depending on the user's access permission settings. The display of individual links on the panels may also depend on the user's access rights or visibility settings.


navigation panel

  1. ATOM3 button: image with a link to the AToM Editor homepage. Application entry page.
  2. User panel: the user's display name indicates a link to the user's account management area (user profile information, logged activity, and notification management tab - subscriptions).
    • Logout - allows the user to log out of the application.
    • Activities - switches the user profile area to the recorded activities tab within the application.
    • Administration - redirects the user to the application administration page. Only displayed to users with system administration rights set.
    • Atom Studio - is a standalone application for creating and managing ontologies, defining exports, imports and their execution, and complete administration of the AToM Editor application environment. The "Atom Studio" link is displayed only to users with the appropriate permissions. Clicking on the link will exit the AToM Editor environment. This involves a change in design and layout. It is therefore advisable to open AToM Studio in a new window or browser tab.
  3. Forum: link to the structured discussion forum page. The associated links point to the individual discussion topic pages.
  4. Ontology: link to the home page where the user usually sets the optimal interface. The associated links represent a list of so-called projects, which are either separate or linked database spaces (defined via AToM Studio). The Plus/Minus before the name provides the possibility to expand/collapse the list of related project elements, which are Classes, Hierarchies, Groups or Selections. The list of specific links depends on the ontology settings, project content/space, etc.
  5. Comments: link to a page with a list of comments for each instance of the Class.
  6. Trash: link to a page with a list of removed elements.
  7. Favorites: a link to a page with a group of favorites for selected parts of the application. Associated Links is a list of the components selected in this way, with the option to quickly redirect to the selected part of the application.
  8. Clicking on a bookmark changes the width of the navigation bar column.

 If all described links are not visible in the navigation panel, it is probably due to insufficient user permissions granted by the administrator.

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