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The name AToM is an acronym of the phrase AION Topic Maps, which characterizes the inspiration of the ISO/ČSN 13250 Topic Maps standard in the development of the system. In addition, a system of access rights, built-in taxonomy and hierarchy, and other practical necessities are implemented.

The AToM system is essentially a web-based database.

Performance and data security is taken care of at the system level. Everything is stored on web servers (in "clouds") and hence accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The system itself is run on Microsoft technologies, specifically MS SQL Server and Internet Information Services.

To operate the system it is sufficient to use a standard Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), or with the Silverlight add-on installed.

The AToM system is an enhanced web-based database, where the design (or changes to it) can be made directly by the user of the system, and the data entered by the user can be immediately published on the web. All in a user-friendly (drag & drop) web browser interface. Without programming knowledge, without worrying about data and storage, without other knowledge necessary in web development, one can start creating (draw, click) storage, naming data, identifying links and keywords, or entering the full content of a full web page, more or less just by clicking in the browser. Of course, this can be done with analytical and programming knowledge, even with an emphasis on conceptual modeling principles or a similar systematic approach.

The system is very flexible. Both in terms of design and data acquisition. It is easy to add items to dials or entire dials, customize forms, add links. No data corruption or loss of data integrity.

The application consists of two main parts. The Editor (AToM Editor), which is used to acquire or just view the data, depending on the user's permissions set, and the Design and Management application (AToM Studio), which is used to design the ontology of the issue under study, set access rights, etc.

During the design process, the so-called ontology of issue is created. This consists mainly of topics (Class), links between them (Association), an inventory of descriptive properties and other information (Class Attributes, Items), and taxonomies and hierarchies (Hierarchy, Group, Selection). The Studio's form or visual interface is used to edit the design. Individual Ontologies (designs) can be shared or merged.

In the Editor interface, in parallel with the design, in context, almost any data can be inserted. Alternatively, they are inserted or imported from a file or clipboard, or dragged and dropped using a computer mouse.

Item values are saved automatically when moving to another part of the form. With few exceptions, it is not necessary to use a command to save the data. In doing so, all user actions and data states are recorded. Any previous state can be retrieved or returned to at any time.

Other team members can work in the same way immediately.

The web portal, which is by thoses incremental steps simultaneously created, can be used immediately. Including full-text search with faceted filtering. The AToM system is optimized for speed of deployment, easy and quick use of the data by any team of users, searchable data and easy presentation on the web.

The system enables relatively fast design of volume-intensive websites, knowledge bases, document libraries, etc. It can therefore, for example, provide support for project management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, or anything else related to data, the web, profit or interest.

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