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Toolkit and indicators

The toolbox and indicator area is located on the top right of the page (interface image point 4) and contains a set of icons that represent the various auxiliary functions as well as search. The composition of this set may change as you move around the site.

Overview of tools and indicators:

 image026.png   image027.png



Turns on or off the floating panel display mode that displays selected Class instance information.

The on or off status is indicated by a colored highlight.



Redirects the user to a full-text search page.

Here, the search text is entered and additional filters and search parameters are set.



Search directly from the page.

In the box labeled "Search", the search text is typed and clicking on the magnifying glass icon takes the user to the Search page with the search results displayed.

 image030.png   image031.png



Turns bookmark management mode and panel settings on or off.

The status is indicated by a change in icon color.

 image032.png   image033.png  



Turns on or off the inclusion of the displayed page in the favourites list.

The favourite status is indicated by a change in the icon colour.

 image034.png   image035.png



Turns on or off the inclusion of a page in the list of items whose changes are to be notified by email. It can be used for a Class instance, an entire Class (Class instance list page), an entire Project (Project overview page), and a forum.

The status of the favorites list is indicated by a change in the color of the icon.

 image036.png   image037.png


Pinning search

Activates tools for browsing the search result.

Adds a search result navigation control to the page toolbox.


Navigation by search result

Allows you to return to the search page with the results of the last search (settings and result), and allows you to browse the instance data of the search result on the instance page.



Overload indicator. When the bulb lights up, it's time for a snack or a nice moment with friends.



Button to return to the previous level in the site hierarchy or ontology back to the parent node (page). This is not a return to the previously displayed page. When navigating through the pages of an application, you need to be aware of this fact and get used to it.

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