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AToM User's Guide

The AToM system is a web-based application that provides support for the design, creation, populating and management of a database, a system that allows you to capture and store, view, filter and full-text search a wide variety of information types.

Using the AToM system, these web-based information and knowledge bases can be built from the first word to a robust, structured set of information that can be linked by a web of context.

For more on the nature of the AToM system, see the introduction section, where you will also learn about ontology design and the inspiration of the ISO/ČSN 13250 Topic Maps standard.

What AToM is for

In AToM, you can create your own ontologies of an issue and insert content into the structures you create. Over the web, shared in a team, in a continuous process of ontology development or refinement.

The area of interest is formulated into an ontology (i.e. a description of the issue) using the components of the AToM system, populated with concrete content, and everything is eventually used for another purpose, which can be, for example, a web portal.







AToM Studio, where the ontology is designed and configured

AToM Editor, in which data are captured and links between them are set

e.g. customer WEB, which presents the acquired data tailored to the requirements

Main parts of the documentation

  • Introductory part - describes the characteristics and "theoretical foundations" of the AToM system.
  • AToM Editor - describes the control of the editing environment of the editorial system, which was created for content management.
  • AToM Studio - in which a specific project is designed and set up, but which now only contains a selection of the currently required parts (in preparation).
  • Appendices - which summarizes tutorials for first steps with Atom, recommended practices, descriptions of sample projects from the demonstration installation that show how to work with the AToM system in practice, and more.

Explore the demonstration projects (which are also forthcoming).

Grey is all theory...

If you want to see the user environment, see the possibilities that the AToM system offers, or get a hands-on experience of how the AToM system works, visit the demo installation at, where the AToM system environment is freely available and can be accessed by logging in with public access demo:demo.

Here you can do your own exploration and play with the AToM system. It's like playing with sandpipers in a sandbox, once in a while or on request we "swap the sand".

This login account is common to all those interested in an excursion of the AToM system, and hence the possibility of unforeseen modifications to the demo data. However, we try to keep this installation in a meaningful form at all times, and if this criterion is not met during your visit, please send us a notification and we will do our best to correct the expected condition as soon as possible.

Login: demo:demo

try Atom for free

login: demo
heslo: demo

This schizophrenia can be partially eliminated by registering your own login account in the AToM system, which is, however, linked to an existing e-mail address. The data will still be shared, but the customization of the splash screen is personal to each logged-in user.

If you are interested in testing the AToM system individually, we are ready to create a separate AToM system environment for you, where you will be in control of all the information. If you are interested, please contact us…

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