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Controlling the application to display a hierarchical document

AToM Help is a simple web application for displaying a structured document on a page-by-page basis [1], with the ability to browse through pages, display a hierarchical content structure, and full-text search.

The appearance of this particular application, which serves as the documentation of the AToM system, replicates the editing environment of the AToM system.


help - hierarchical document view application

  1. document page
  2. link to home page
  3. navigation buttons to view the content and scroll through the document
  4. text input field for full-text search
  5. link to the settings page
  6. list of chapters at the same hierarchy level as the displayed chapter
  7. list of chapters below the displayed chapter
  8. column expansion
  9. narrowing a column
  10. list of chapters in the hierarchy above
  11. click on the icon to expand or collapse the tree node
  12. link to documentation

The help home page is displayed by clicking on the AToM logo on the left or on the first link in the hierarchy navigation [2].

Near the top edge is a strip set aside for navigation and control buttons [3] and a box for full-text search [4]. This strip can be fixed at the top edge of the screen. This can be done in the settings section [5].

In the left column is a list of chapters that are included in the same area as the currently viewed chapter [6], and a list of subchapters [7] that the currently viewed chapter contains. The left column can be enlarged [8] or reduced [9] by clicking on the triangle icon.

Each document chapter contains a "breadcrumb trail" [10] at the top edge showing the parent chapters in the document hierarchy.

Navigation and control buttons

  • Table of Contents: displays a complete list of chapters arranged in a hierarchy. The hierarchy tree, or individual nodes, can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the icon in front of the chapter title [11].
  • Preceding chapter: displays the chapter that precedes the currently viewed chapter in the documentation structure.
  • next chapter: analogous to the previous chapter
  • full-text search: the text typed into the box is searched in the table of contents and a list of the chapters containing the searched text is displayed. The search works on the same principle as on client portals.
  • Settings: a page to support a few customizations of the application
  • help: display the help for the application.

The square brackets with a number that appear in the text of the document refer to the image, or to the specific numbered part of the image to which the text refers.

The question mark icon allows this documentation to be displayed [12].


The settings section is accessed by clicking on the gear icon, and can be set here:

  • Anchoring the top navigation bar so that the control buttons do not roll off along with the page content. The change is made by clicking on the toggle icon.
  • Activate editing support for the content manager. A button will appear with a direct link to edit the chapter and make other changes useful to the editor.


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